Buddhism, Acupuncture and Meditation

WonInstitute.org is fully devoted to the disciplines of Buddhism, meditation and acupuncture. Furthermore, here at woninstitute.org, you can find about many new places where you can study Buddhism, study meditation, and study acupuncture. Before that however, let’s clarify some concepts here at WonInstitute.org. The Buddhist religion and philosophy is closely related to the notion of applied meditation, which is in turn is an activity carried out with the goal of achieving one’s enlightenment and Nirvana. The former is defined as the knowledge that a Buddha possesses of the nature of things, or dharma. The latter is a suffering-free state of being.

The third aforementioned field refers to an alternative medicine that inserts and manipulates needles in certain parts of the human body, in order to treat a variety of conditions, such as pain, overweight, infertility and many more. This Chinese alternative medicine goes back as early as the second century BCE, when it was first recorded in writing. It is still practiced today, and people who are interested in it can study acupuncture at places like the Yo San University in Los Angeles, California. Another good place to study acupuncture is the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. The New York College of Health Professions is yet another school at which people can study acupuncture. The Everglades University in Florida also offers courses on this subject matter.

Even though it may seem like a perfectly simple thing to do without any exterior help whatsoever, people can also study meditation. The internet is full of valuable resources to aid with meditation studies and educate people on the different techniques to meditate. One method is to coordinate the breath sensations through the body, allowing them flow together comfortably, maintaining awareness as broad as possible. There many other useful techniques though, and they are available for people who want to study meditation. As was said before, the Buddhist persuasion and the meditating activity go hand in hand, so to study meditation, one may want to study Buddhism as well and usually first. For example, there is the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies, as good as any place to study Buddhism. The Gelugpa School of Tibetan Buddhism is also out there, if you would like to study Buddhism in the Kadampa tradition. There surely are many other places to study Buddhism, and you can find about them here at WonInstitute.org.

That is because we offer you a wealth of free information about these topics, including where to study meditation. Feel free to check back at WonInstitute.org as often as you would like. Whether it is regarding where to study acupuncture, WonInstitute.org is the place to come looking for information on these highly spiritual subjects.